Why choose us

We spend a few extra minutes on the phone with you to make sure that we give you the best Premium possible – one that is determined around your very own unique risk profile and your specific needs. If you have a low-risk profile, this is very good news indeed as you may just end up paying significantly less for our disability insurance package than you would anywhere else in South Africa.

  • We give you a cash (i.e. all of your paid life insurance premiums back in cash after 15 consecutive years of not claiming).  Options for our Underwritten life product at a cost of on average 30% of your premium.
  • On top of this, we guarantee your premium for five years.
  • We go the extra mile to make sure you get awesome service, always

Disability and critical illness

With us , you’ve got complete control as to which products you want to include in your life insurance portfolio. You can combine any or all of our products to create an end product that will best suit your specific circumstances.

The biggest choice applies to disability and critical illness where you can choose whether to insure them as free standing or accelerated structures. Free standing implies that the two products stand independently from each other (i.e. a claim on one won’t influence the total insured amount on the other). Accelerated structure implies that a claim on either death, disability or critical illness will reduce or cancel the amount that’s specified for death cover.

Insurance products

We can provide disability cover to anyone between the ages of 18 and 60.

Best of all – you’re in complete control of how you’d like to set up the payment structure. You can choose to keep your premium and total insured amount the same for the entire duration of your cover, or you can choose to increase your premium and the insured amount every year, or how about keeping the insured amount fixed, but increasing your premium as time goes by?

Own occupation

The Sum will be paid out to you when you become disabled during the insured period. Own occupation cover makes reference to any illness or injury that caused a permanent disability and where you’re no longer able to perform your own occupation. Of course, you need to be medically certified (to the satisfaction of our chief medical officer) with a total and permanent disability that is incurable or unrepeatable.

Alternatively, you can choose the own or suitable occupation option where you’ll receive cover in cases where an illness or disability resulted in you being unable to perform your own occupation or any other suitable occupation taking your training, education, ability and experience into account. Again, we would require that you’re medically certified with a total and permanent disability that is incurable or unrepeatable.