Child Benefit

We know that parenting worries don’t end once your baby is born! So, we’ve made sure that  child benefit continues to give you peace of mind as your child grows.

While we can’t promise that your pregnancy will be easy, We can help relieve some of the more stressful moments of your journey with the birth benefit, which provides between R20 000 and R180 000 cover for your newborn against some of the most common and severe birth abnormalities and diseases, from cleft palate through to Down’s syndrome. Use the payout however your like, because as a Mom, you know your baby’s needs better than anyone else.

Because the birth benefit is designed specifically to protect your newborn, we’ve ensured that all features are designed to alleviate stress and worry during your pregnancy journey. The birth benefit automatically converts into a child benefit when the child is born.

The best part? There’s no waiting periods. If you’re pregnant, what are you waiting for?

The child benefit also provides guaranteed cover growth on an annual basis, meaning you get financial protection that grows as fast as your child.As with the birth benefit, there’s no restriction on how you can use your payout – if your injured or sick child needs physio, specialized equipment, or even just a week with mom by their side, you’re covered.

The Child Benefit is available as a standalone benefit, meaning that you can take out the policy for any of your children under 18, even if you’ve never had the birth benefit.