Strategic Focus

  • Develop Solutions with our clients
  • Take a holistic approach – people, process, system ,
    strategy and technology
  • Not advocate a one size fits all methodology
  • Tailor our designs taking into cognizance of change
    management, training & skills development requirements
  • Deeply understand the relationship between costs and
    customer service
  • Use proven systems to complete specific areas of the
    analysis and design phases
  • Know that our experience sets us apart in the market

Our Structure

Mnembe Electrical Engineering has both the team of registered professionals and that of qualified artisans, which enables us to plan, design and execute work to the satisfaction of our clients.

Professional Team

Led by Mr MI Serame
(B Tech. Electrical Eng.
Involved in Planning, Design,
Quality Assurance, and Project


Led by Mr N Majiet
(Registered Qualified Electrician, with more than
40 years experience)
Involved in practical establishment
and execution of the works as per
specified standards to the
satisfaction of the client.

Our Expertise

Mnembe Electrical has the following expertise but not limited to:

Professional Services

1. Planning and design of electrical reticulation.
2. Electrical designs for buildings.
3. Designs of electrical distribution boards and electrical control circuits.
4. Assessment of estimated loads.
5. Design of electrical sub-stations.
6. Power factor correction.
7. Fault level calculation.
8. Electrical control circuit design.
9. Project Management and site supervision.
10. Project cost control and project co-ordination.
11. Project commissioning.

Electrical Construction

Execution of electrical reticulation works in residential
2. Electrification of buildings.
3. Building of sub-stations.
4. Construction of street lighting.
5. Erection of electric security fence.
6. Building of power plants.
7. Maintenance of both eskom and municipal electrical