Mnembe Group’s goal is to continuously discover opportunities which makes our company thrive, through the process of conception, development and delivery, while we get on with the business of sharing those discoveries with our clients, suppliers and associates. Our business concept is not limited to one industry hence you will find us in the Construction, Agricultural and Financial Services fraternities, which is only the beginning.


Mnembe Group is a 100% black owned private company with a profit share of 80% Directors and 20% employees proportionally. The Group Company is made up of 5 Divisions, divisions which gave birth to this emerging corporate giant. At the core of our philosophy is the principle that every organisation has leverage points, which, when identified and exploited can yield breakthrough performance.Mnembe Group has been aware of the conflict between First world methodology and Third world reality and have structured all its products and services as such to bridge the gap between the service provider and its clients.

Our approach is to partner with our clients to find and exploit their leverage points, to maximise business performance and shareholder return. This approach demands a deep understanding of the client’s business challenges and a clear view of the interventions that would be appropriate to improve the clients performance.We are a Free State based company with its head office in Bloemfontein. The aim and objective of our business is to create jobs in the areas where business is obtained and to empower our local communities.



Achieving success through :

  • Service Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Integrity &
  • Quality

Our philosophical thinking is governed and underpinned by our professional expertise, integrity and confidentiality to enable us to focus attention towards one goal, channeling our resources in to the same direction for positive progress.


To be the leading and preferred service provider in diverse industries, while remaining well positioned and equipped to support our clients in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the present and future.


We strive to be the business partner of choice in providing services of best quality which is of economic value to our clients by assisting in their growth and increasing their efficiency, making them more competitive.


We aim to :

  • Position ourselves as a progressive, innovative and competitive service provider
  • Adopt sound Business principles and general management practices
  • Conduct Business in an equitable and no-discriminatory manner
  • Focus in client satisfaction by delivery quality on time
  • Continuously research our market to stay abreast with global trends